Big Block Omni Blend

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This product is no longer available
0.25 KGS
This coffee is roasted to be brewed as espresso or filter!
Flavour notes: Wine gums, stonefruit, bergamot.  
Ethiopia: Guji, Arsosala - 75%

Kenya: Kirinyaga, Kagumo  - 25%

Process: Washed

Big Block Blend is inspired by our love for old school drag racing, a love of similar magnitude to the one we hold for bright and juicy African coffees. The name itself is derived from the "Chevy Big Block" engine that most dragsters use. This blend is not for the faint hearted, it’s intense and super fruity although amazingly clean, sweet and true to the Marvell Street way. We have combined two African coffees in a 75-25 blend and roasted them especially for filter and espresso so that it  can be enjoyed this any which way it’s brewed. Big Block is only available for a small window of the year while African coffees are fresh and abundant from May through until November. 

We hope you enjoy Big Block us much as we do!


** This coffee is no longer available