Idelfonso Quintero - Colombia

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Flavour Notes: Cherry, Cola, Nougat

Region: La Plata, Huila

Harvested: January 2018

Variety: Colombia, Caturra

Altitude: 1700m

Process: Washed

When Idelfonso was just nine years old, he always helped his parents in the farm labours. He used to help picking the coffee during harvest season. That was when Idelfonso learned about coffee and its processes, with his family. He started to gain a strong passion for the product and when his father passed away, he was honoured to inherit the farm. Idelfonso has been growing coffee in his own for 37 years now and he is lucky to have his family helping him in the daily labours of the farm. His wife, Maria Amelia, helps him picking cherries when the harvest arrives and his children help him harvesting and washing the coffee.
Idelfonso considers that what makes his farm so special and what makes him so proud is the good practices and good quality that he produces in his farm. But, most of all the family business that they all have created with passion and love. Idelfonso is a non-stop man. When he doesn’t work in his own farm, he liked to go to other farms and help his neighbours with the harvest. This way, he can share knowledge and experiences with the people around him.