Kiambui - Kenya

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Kiambui - Kenya

Red berries, butterscotch, lemon tea.

Region: Kirinyaga

Co-op: Kanjuu Co-operative

Harvested: January 2017

Variety: SL28, K7, Ruiri 11

Altitude: 1400 MASL

Process: Washed

Kiambui is a washing station located in the Kirinyaga district, in Kenya’s Central Province. The station was established in the 1970s, and it sits on four acres of land, 1,383 metres above sea level. Kiambui is a liated with the Kanjuu Cooperative, which has 800 local smallholder farmer- members.

Kenyan co ee is known for its great intensity of citrus and berry fruits. This is partly due to the regions mild climate and high altitude which slows the maturity of the cherry while increasing sugars. The way Kenyan co ee is processed, washed, fermented and how the co ee is dried has set the standards for processing world wide so expect a super clean, sugary and fruity co ee with a great syrupy body and lasting lemon tea nish.

This is an extraordinary co ee and we hope you enjoy it!