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The Morning Rush Loop of Doom

The Morning Rush Loop of Doom

Posted by Fergus on 21st Nov 2019

Round and round we goAny barista who has worked on a relatively busy bar has experienced the following: you arrive at work, run a few shots, taste, decide on a recipe that tastes best, lets say 20g in … read more
A Pressing Issue

A Pressing Issue

Posted by Fergus on 7th Nov 2019

The arrival of the PuqPress automatic tamper signalled a happy and momentous day for 1000s of baristas struggling with wrist, neck and back problems brought on by months and years of manual tamping. O … read more

Uber frothy

Posted by Fergus on 1st Nov 2019

The robots are coming! There has been much talk in the coffee industry of late about automation and it seems no matter what side of the fence you sit on it’s the direction things are headed. In the la … read more

One Less Olive

Posted by Fergus on 25th Oct 2019

One Less Olive.30 years ago American Airlines made the decision to serve one less olive in their house salad for each first class passenger. The CEO at the time Robert Crandall was convinced that not … read more
Open Circus joins the family!

Open Circus joins the family!

Posted by Fergus on 17th Oct 2019

The bell rings again, “flatty for table 24, lets go Gibbo!”, “large cap for Miss Hardie, thanks teacher, enjoy your cuppa.” It’s 7:45am and Open Circus owner Chris Rummy is where he likes to be best i … read more