2019 Special Variety - Tabi - Colombia - Nicolás Ocampo

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Pineapple, sherbert, honey.

Producer: Nicolás Ocampo Maya
Farm: Finca La Julia
Region: Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Variety: Tabi
Processing Method: Honey Process

Nicolas Maya Ocampo and his sister Carolina took over the operation of their fathers farm, Finca La Julia, in the year 2000. Aside from their mission to produce high quality coffee, the pair have initiated projects to regenerate rainforests and protect all of their natural water sources and were recently awarded Rainforest certification for their hard work. Their goal is to positively impact and contribute to rural development in Colombia. The siblings chose to grow a variety of coffee called "Tabi" which is cross breed of several original Arabica varieties.  Its adoption from coffee farmers is growing due to its resistance to disease, excellent cup qualities and ability to be grown at high altitudes. 

This is a one of a kind coffee and we have Nicolas, Carolina and Caravela Coffee to thank for making it happen 

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