1. Rinse a paper filter and heat your vessel with boiling water. Rinsing the filter gets rid of any unpleasant paper taste.

2. Grind 30g of Marvell Street filter roast on a medium grind (like coarse sand), discard the rinse water and tip into the V60. Give it a little shimmy to level the grounds.

3. Start your timer and pour 50-60g of freshly boiled, filtered water onto the grounds. This is your bloom, you want to get all the grounds wet and allow the release of C02 gases.

4. Give the V60 a gentle swirl and use a spoon to stir any areas where bubbles are coming to the surface. Try to get this done in ten seconds or less.

5. At 30 seconds begin your pour. You're aiming to pour 300g of water in 30-45 seconds. Start in the centre of the coffee bed, pour in a circular motion from inside to outside. Keep your height and pour rate steady throughout. Once you hit 300g on the scale stop pouring.

6. Let the slurry drop to about halfway, then begin your second pour. 

7. You are going to add 200g in about 20-30 seconds. Using the same circular motion stopping when you hit 500g.

8. Carefully swirl the slurry 1-2 times to remove any grounds stuck on the sides of filter paper, and to give you a nice flat bed for the water to drain through.

9. The slurry should drain steadily and evenly, with as few grounds stuck to the sides as possible.

10. All the water should drain around the 3:00 minute mark. If the brew 'chokes' and starts to drip mid way through, you have ground too fine, likewise if the total contact time is less than 2:30 you have ground too coarse.

11. Enjoy your brew, you've earned it.

Example grind size for a two cup V60.


Invest in a good quality burr grinder, the difference in flavour quality is worth every penny!
A gooseneck kettle helps you pour in a steady and precise way and can vastly improve the flavour of your brews.
Always use fresh filtered water, water quality is super important to the final taste of your brew.
The bloom phase is important to allow the coffee to release C02 gas, the fresher the coffee the more gas it will release.
Adjust your grind depending on the resulting brew time, if it choked halfway through and took over 4 mins to drain then grind coarser. Likewise, if it ran through too quickly grind finer.
Only change one variable at a time when experimenting with a recipe.