1. Screw on the filter cap with a paper filter then pre-heat and rinse aeropress, filter and mug with freshly boiled water.

2. Grind 16g of Marvell Street coffee on a medium-fine grind. Discard the rinse water and carefully pour the ground coffee into the AeroPress chamber.

3. Tare the scale, start the timer. Pour 230g of freshly boiled (94C+) filtered water into the AeroPress. You want to get all the grounds wet as fast as possible so pour with purpose!

4. Once filled stir 4-5 times back and forth, making sure no clumps of grounds are stuck at the bottom. 

5. Insert the rubber end into the top of the Aeropress to create a vacuum seal. This will stop any liquid dripping through into the mug before you plunge. 

6. When the timer hits 1:00 carefully give the AeroPress a swirl. This final agitation aids extraction, too little and your brew might taste a bit flat, too much and it might be a touch astringent.

7. Plunge time! Remove the AeroPress and vessel from the scale and gently press down, aiming to finish at around 1:30. If you find it hard to plunge then you have ground too fine, likewise, if it offers very little resistance then you have ground too coarse.

8. Enjoy your brew, you've earned it.

Example grind size for your Aeropress


Invest in a good quality burr grinder, the difference in flavour quality is worth every penny!


If your brew tastes thin and sour try grinding a little finer.


If your brew tastes tight and astringent try grinding a little coarser.


Always use fresh filtered water, water quality is super important to the final taste of your brew.


If the AeroPress doesn't fit into your mug or carafe you can use the funnel that comes with it to plunge into the vessel.


If you are camping and don't have access to scales use the numbers on the side of the AeroPress as a rough guide.


You can make an Aeropress for two by doubling your dose and increasing your brew time slightly. Once plunged split the resulting concentrated brew into two cups and then add hot water to dilute.