About Us

We are a small coffee roasting business born in Byron Bay NSW Australia. 

We first started roasting coffee in 2009 in a small shop on Marvell Street in the heart of Byron Bay. After quickly out growing the space and pushing the boundaries of what was really a retail store we moved to a more suitable industrial area of Byron to spread out and put all our focus into roasting amazing coffee. 10 years on the team is Joe, Mike, Gabe, Fergus, Nick, Phil, Nico and Linda, a strong and wilful bunch of legends that love what they do. 
We have always thought that coffee should have minimal intervention by not only the roaster but by the farmer during growing and processing. Hence we select and roast coffees that are balanced, naturally sweet and free of defects. This philosophy gives us no choice but to buy the best quality coffee we can.  On a community level we try where possible to support businesses that operate with the intent to benefit their local community and environment. As a company we also operate with a similar mindset. 
We know what we like and focus on purchasing coffees from Central and South America, West Africa and support a local producer called Friday Hut Coffee which is located right here in Byron Bay.
Our core coffee suppliers are Caravela CoffeeMelbourne Coffee Merchants and Nordic Approach. They are all well known for their ethics, focus on quality and trade transparency. Caravela coffee is a certified B-Corp and has won “Best in the World” on numerous occasions which rewards them for their impact on their workers, community, customers and environment. 
As a growing company we are conscious of our impact on the environment, while we aren’t winning awards for the worlds greenest company we do try our hardest as a small team to make an impact where possible. Our roaster is made by Loring Smart Roast and is extremely efficient and low emission. Almost half our orders are delivered by us and the majority of it in reusable buckets. This saves about about 250,000 coffee bags a year going into landfill, our coffee bags are now 100% recyclable and we also make our own shipping satchels from the materials our green coffee is stored in.
Aside from roasting and delivering awesome coffee, we love our customers and supporting them in a way to build confidence and develop their skills and knowledge about coffee is what excites us.
We are currently working on a series of short videos that will help to communicate in greater depth our role, purpose and higher level commitment to the coffee community from it's producers to the consumers.
If you would like to know more about what we do please visit us at the Roastery, here in Byron Bay, 1/11 Grevillea Street.
Grind Wisely, Cup Honestly, Brew with Confidence - Marvell Street Coffee.