Antonio Recinos - Guatemala

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Antonio Recinos - Guatemala

Flavour Notes: Cacao, apricot, dried raisins.

Farm: Finca Nueva Armenia
Region: La Liberad, Huehuetenango
Harvested: April 2017
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1450 MASL
Process: Washed

Antonio Recinos was born and raised among coffee. Finca Nueva Armenia has belonged to his family for more than three generations. Tradition, techniques, and passion has been transmitted within the Recinos family for almost 100 years. Antonio studied Agricultural Engineering at University for betterment of the farm and his family, in which his wife is his main helper. Prior to applying specialty coffee techniques, Finca Nueva Armenia could not cover it’s production costs. Producing Speciality Coffee and focusing on quality has made his farm profitable and he can now invest in farm improvements and offer jobs to more people in the region. Antonio’s long-term goal is to implement all the current new techniques into his farm and that 100% of the coffee he produce sells as specialty coffee. Coffee trees in Nueva Armenia receive shade from mountain trees which reflects in the freshness of coffee. This coffee is truly spectacular as espresso, great body, sweet and hints of careful processing. Enjoy!