Organic Espresso Blend

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 Flavour Notes: Plum, nougat, cacao.


Country: Mexico

Region: Oaxaca

Varieties: Typica, Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Our Organic Espresso is roasted a touch more than our other espresso roasts with the aim to create a coffee that is easy to use, low acid and favoured by those who enjoy milk with their coffee, all the while remaining sweet and clean. The green coffee we use is specialty, seasonal and purchased from Certified Organic Cooperatives. 
We’d like our producers to be recognised for the careful growing, harvesting & processing of their coffee hence the detailed information above which can also be found on our website. Our relationships with our suppliers & growers ensure that our future is sustainable.

Our tasty coffee is a result of joint hard work, we hope you enjoy Organic Espresso us much as we do!