Breville Smart Grinder Pro

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Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Elevate your coffee experience with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro, a precision coffee grinder designed for enthusiasts who appreciate the art of brewing the perfect cup. This intelligently engineered grinder seamlessly combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to deliver a consistent grind every time. We love this grinder for its versitility, allowing you to grind for espresso or filter and achieving great results for both.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Grinding: The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is equipped with stainless steel conical burrs that provide a consistent grind size, essential for unlocking the full flavor potential of your coffee beans. With 60 grind settings, from fine espresso to coarse French press, you have the flexibility to customize your grind to suit any brewing method.

  2. Dosing IQ Technology: The grinder's Dosing IQ technology automatically adjusts the dose when you change the grind size, ensuring a precise amount of coffee grounds every time. This feature guarantees a consistent and balanced cup of coffee, whether you're brewing a single shot or a full pot.

  3. Intuitive Interface: The user-friendly LCD interface simplifies the grinding process. Choose the grind size, adjust the grind time, and watch the grinder work its magic. The clear display provides real-time feedback on grind size, grind time, and the number of cups or shots selected.

  4. Programmable Settings: Customize and save your preferred grind settings with the Smart Grinder Pro's programmable options. This allows you to replicate your favorite brew effortlessly, ensuring a consistently delightful coffee experience.

  5. Durable Construction: Built with durability in mind, the Smart Grinder Pro features a sturdy brushed stainless steel housing. The compact design and convenient cord storage make it a sleek addition to any kitchen countertop.

  6. Portafilter Cradle: The grinder includes a convenient portafilter cradle that allows for hands-free grinding directly into your espresso machine's portafilter. This practical feature streamlines the brewing process and minimizes mess.

  7. Grind Container: The removable grinds container is easy to clean and provides ample space to accommodate your preferred amount of coffee. Its airtight lid ensures that your coffee grounds stay fresh until you're ready to brew.

Step up your home brewing game with a grinder that does justice to the coffee you bought with your hard earned cash!

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