Gift Subscriptions

Give the gift of coffee!

Coffee subscriptions make excellent gifts, why? Because they keep on giving!

If you're looking to give someone the gift of coffee look no further, through our subscription platform you can send someone you love a coffee subscription. Starting from as little as $100, delivered fresh every two weeks, simply select the date you wish to send it to the lucky recipient along with a personalised message, once they recieve the email they will have full control over their subscription, easy!

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How much to spend?

Our subscription plans are delivered every two weeks as a recurring payment based on the amount of coffee ordered. We currently offer the following plans:

Single Farm: 

  • 250g = $22 
  • 500g = $35 
  • 750g = $48
  • 1kg = $60

Espresso Blends: 

  • 250g = $15
  • 500g = $30 
  • 750g = $43 
  • 1kg = $50

However much you choose to spend the lucky recipient will have full control over their account and be able to select their coffee type, volume and grind setting. Happy days!

How much coffee do they need?

Knowing how much coffee to order can be pretty tricky so here is our rough fortnightly guide to get you started with our offerings:

Great for someone who enjoys a cup each day.

Perfect for a couple, or someone who likes a couple of coffees each day.

Perfect for a couple, or roomies, or those who enjoy 2-3 cups each day.

The best option for a family household, share-house or small office where 3-5 cups a day are enjoyed.

Awesome i'm ready to roll!