Gram for Gram

Gram for Gram

27th Mar 2020

The last two weeks have pushed our industry to breaking point, with mass layoffs and businesses having to close their doors, the uncertainty of a government shut down lingering over our heads like a dark cloud, it is a tough time for all of us. We have launched our Gram for Gram initiative as a way to try and support one another through this crisis.

Gram for Gram is a way we can help keep supporting our customers, whether they have shut, or are finding trading tough. All our wholesale accounts received a unique code for our web-store this week, that code gives the user a 10% discount, but here's the good bit, every gram of coffee sold for each code we will match as a 100% credit for that account, gram for gram. We can keep the roaster running, our accounts will have a credit to help them get back up and running and their customers can enjoy yummy Marvell Street coffees whilst still supporting their local cafes.

Go to for more info. #gramforgram

We hope that this initiative will ease some of the burden that is weighing on a lot of business owners right now. We ask all those who have received their codes to get them out to their customers, encourage them to buy beans from our web-store, let them know that together we can all get through this and kick COVID-19 in the butt.

Stay safe, practice social distancing, and check-in with your family and friends to make sure they are all good.

Big love from all of us at Marvell Street.