Luis Edier Reinoso's 2020 offering.

Luis Edier Reinoso's 2020 offering.

Posted by Fergus on 30th Apr 2020

Anyone who has bought Marvell Street coffee in the last few years would be familiar with the name Luis Edier Reinoso, in 2017 we bought his entire harvest, and since then have bought coffee from him every year. His ability to produce consistently delicious high grade coffee has blown us away over the last 3 years so I thought I would catch up with Mark from Caravela, our primary import partner, to get a bit more info about how Luis and the farm were faring.

Thanks for taking the time to do this Mark, how are things looking at Finca Vista Hermosa at the moment?

At this moment the farm is in optimal nutritional and phytosanitary conditions. The projection of the fly crop is around 66 bags (various grades). They are about 10% into picking with the biggest month probably going to be May and June.

We are so stoked with the latest offering from Luis, was the man himself happy with these lots?

Luis works every day on the farm with the goal to have the best quality. He is always hoping for a better result compared his last harvest. Currently it is the start of the fly harvest and he is hoping that in the peak of the harvest he will be able to improve the quality of his coffee even more.

These gesha lots have quite a unique bean size, did Luis have any difficulty regarding this?

Yes, this variety produces very slender beans which is different from other varieties. This means they have to be extra careful when selecting the beans - otherwise they would likely take all of them out for being too small. Initially he tried to correct this through good fertilisation but it can't be changed, it is a characteristic that he has to accept and adapt to.

What sort of fermentation was used for the gesha lots?

The coffees were fermented for between 28 and 30 hours, then washed 3 times to get rid of all the mucilage.

What are the main harvest months?

The first-semester harvest is between May and June (fly crop). The second-semester harvest (main harvest) is at the end of the year, starting in September and finishing in January. October and November tend to be the best months for collecting coffee.

Who does Luis sell his coffee to?

Everything Luis produces is sold to Caravela, including all of the Geisha. About 10% is used in blends and 90% is kept apart and normally offered to Madcap coffee in the US or Marvell Street here in Australia.


Thanks Mark and cheers for all the amazing coffees Caravela work tirelessly to bring to our cups year round, and thanks to Luis Edier Reinoso, he produces very special coffees and we are so grateful to be able to roast them here in Byron Bay to serve to all you wonderful people.

We hope you'll love Luis's coffees as much as we do, who knows maybe one day we will all pay Luis a visit at his farm!

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