Meet the Marvell Fam: Highline, Palm beach.

Meet the Marvell Fam: Highline, Palm beach.

17th Feb 2020

Say Hello to the Casagrande family, owners of possibly the most badass surname and the most tasteful cafe in Palm Beach. Tim and Candice quite swiftly opened Highline Palm Beach in December 2018 but the dream of their own spot had been meandering in their minds long before. Tim previously worked with Marvell Street Coffee for several years on the Gold Coast and has a long history in specialty coffee whilst Candice has a background in marketing.. it reall is the perfect duo! Highline is a well designed welcoming space to enjoy Marvell Street's finest brews and if you're hungry high quality food made with clean, local produce. 

Highline serves The Daily Grind espresso blend on a sexy Slayer steam, you'll always find a big fat pot of fresh filter coffee on the bar and healthily stocked retail shelf for you to take some home.

Timmy was kind enough answer some questions for us recently, here's what he had to say..

How do you drink your coffee?

Black always. 

What do you love about coffee? 

Its complexity, how it goes from earth to consumption. Variety, terroir, roast, extraction.

Favourite coffee moment ever & why?

First time tasting blueberry in a naturally processed coffee, I thought that was pretty cool. Now I can’t hack a natural and this hasn’t changed in the last 5 years.

What made you want to open your own shop? 

More people need to taste really good honest coffee.

Best thing about your shop? 

The food is as good as the coffee.

One thing you’d like to change in your shop? 

I probably should of leased the shop next door at the same time.

What is the most ridiculous coffee you or your staff have ever made? 

One shot normal, one shot decaf, half coconut, half almond latte. WTF!

What gets you stoked? 

When 55+ year old customers tell us that this is best coffee they have ever had.

Rapid fire best three things about running Marvell St on bar?

1. Tasty 2. Consistency 3. Easy to use

How are you or your staff finding the morning dial in?

Never been so easy, time is money.

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