Paula Zaragoza - Mexico

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This is one of our previous coffees & is no longer available
Best For:
Filter Brewing, Espresso Brewing
Suitable Brewers:
V60, AeroPress, Batch Brew, Stovetop, Home espresso

Flavour Notes: Red apple, dried fruit, milk chocolate.

Producer: Paula Zaragoza

Farm: Finca Llano Encino

Region: San lucas Zoquiapam, Oaxaca

Harvested: January - February

Variety: Typica

Altitude: 1,815 MASL

Process: Washed

Paula Zaragoza named her coffee farm 'Finca Llano Encino' after the native trees that grow abundantly in the area. In 25 years of producing coffee, she has only grown the Typica variety, and despite the challenges presented by the coffee rust fungus, she is determined to keep growing this special coffee.
Three years ago she turned her attention to producing specialty grade coffee by being more selective during harvesting and focusing more energy on the washing and drying of her coffees to improve quality, this shift has seen her be rewarded with better prices for her labour.

Like Paula, her coffee is unique and full of character and certainly one to savour!


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