Las Brisas - Colombia

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 Peach, melon, chamomile.

Farmers: 49 Small scale producers 
Region: Rioblanco, Tolima 
Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo 
Altitude: 1500-1900 MASL 
Process: Washed

Las Brisas is Spanish for "The Breezes" which accurately represents the environment for coffee farmers working within the region of Rioblanco. Amongst the tall mountains and winding valleys the wind seemingly blows all year round, transporting sweet smells of newly blossomed coffee flowers all through the region after the first rains of the wet season. With the help of Caravela's PECA team, the farmers in this region have become experts of their trade over the years. Their farm practices and processing methods are refined and they are seeing results in the premiums they receive when selling their coffee.  

We've bought this coffee for several seasons now it always impresses us!

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