Andino Especial - Colombia

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This is one of our previous coffees & is no longer available.
Best For:
Filter Brewing
Suitable Brewers:
V60, AeroPress, Batch Brew


Flavour notes: Red apple, fig, butterscotch.

Producer: 102 small-scale growers

Region: Pitalito

Municipality: Huila

Harvested: October-December

Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Altitude: 1,300-1,900 MASL

Process: Washed

The Macizo Colombiano is situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Amazon, where the Colombian Andes converge to form a vast mountain range. This convergence results in diverse microclimates, providing coffee growers with an array of flavour profiles.
The farms of Andino Especial dot the steep slopes and ridges of this mountainous landscape, their coffee trees shaded by avocado and tropical fruit trees.
Andino Especial coffees are renowned for their complexity, characterized by a crisp acidity and remarkable clarity.

We are excited to reintroduce this delicious coffee to our menu, inviting you to experience its unique qualities and flavours that reflect the exceptional environment in which it is cultivated.

*** We roast coffee fresh each Monday, if stock has sold out we will ship the following roast day. Please refer to our shipping page for more information.