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Best Enjoyed As:
Dairy and alternative milk based drinks, strong syrupy espresso, piccolos, double rizzy's baby!
Suitable Brewers:
Home Espresso Machines, Stovetop, AeroPress
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Ethiopia: Guji - Natural 40%
Brazil: Progresso - Natural 60% 

Big Block favours the bold! Designed to have punch and body, it cuts through dairy and alternative milk whilst still staying true to the Marvell Street ethos for clarity and quality. Big Block is a blend of carefully selected coffees, roasted a touch more for extra body and lower acidity. It's rich with notes of dark chocolate, nougat and a delicate cherry fruitiness.

Like everything we roast at Marvell Street, we choose the coffees in Big Block because they are free of defects, sweet, clean and superbly processed. We only use coffees in season, because of this the components change throughout the year, but we make sure the flavour profile remains consistent.

Born from a demand for a blend with some serious oomph, Big Block balances grunt with sophistication, it's a milk lovers dream!

*** We roast coffee fresh each Monday, if stock has sold out we will ship the following roast day. Please refer to our shipping page for more information.