Uber frothy

Posted by Fergus on 31st Oct 2019

The robots are coming! There has been much talk in the coffee industry of late about automation and it seems no matter what side of the fence you sit on it’s the direction things are headed. In the la … read more

One Less Olive

Posted by Fergus on 24th Oct 2019

One Less Olive.30 years ago American Airlines made the decision to serve one less olive in their house salad for each first class passenger. The CEO at the time Robert Crandall was convinced that not … read more
Iced Coffee, what’s the deal?

Iced Coffee, what’s the deal?

Posted by Fergus on 11th Oct 2019

Rejoice, summer is coming! Daylight savings is upon us, jeans are being shunned in preference for shorts and lilly white bodies are starting to tentatively dip themselves in the ocean once more as the … read more
​The Curdle Hurdle.

​The Curdle Hurdle.

Posted by Fergus on 4th Oct 2019

The great curdle hurdle, we’ve all been there, you go to pour a nice soy latte only to be confronted by a white blob for latte art and a drink that resembles a glass of tofu rather than coffee. … read more

Mythos cleaning hack

27th Sep 2019

The Mythos One is a very popular grinder, when it made its debut at the HOST trade show in 2013 it signalled a new era in grinder technology, with a raft of never before seen features and innovat … read more