Firebird Espresso Blend

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Flavour Notes: Milo, fudge, jam.

Colombia: Huila - Washed 70%
Ethiopia: Wolichu Wachu, - Natural 20%
Honduras: Pacayal Bros - Honey 10%

All hail Firebird!

Created with the intention to showcase all 3 coffee processing methods and create the ultimate espresso blend for coffee with milk. Washed, Honey, and Natural are the 3 main processing methods used to get the coffee from cherry to seed an each offer unique flavours and characteristics.

Washed process coffees are picked when fully ripe, the cherry's skin is removed and the the mucilage is washed and fermented in baths of fresh water and slowly dried. Honey process requires the mucilage to remain on the seed throughout the drying stage to increase sweetness. This method is encouraged to famers that have limited access to fresh water. Natural process is the riskiest method to undertake and historically the lower grade cherries were processed this way, however start up cost for farmers is extremely low making it attractive to some.

Firebird is birth child of determination, collaboration and creativity.

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