El Meridiano - Colombia 2019

This is one of our previous coffees & is no longer available


Tasting notes: Blood orange, dried fruit, cacao.

Association: Alto Saldana

Region: Herrera, Tolima

Altitude: 1500-1900 MASL

Variety: Caturra, Colombia

Havest: December 2019

Processing Method: Washed

The small town of Herrera, located in the department of Tolima, is home to 58 members of the Association of Specialty Coffee Growers of Alto Saldana. With an average farm size of just 4.5 hectares these farmers are dedicated to growing small lots of exceptionally high quality coffee. They help organise everything from agronomical assistance, farmer payments and facilitating export. Their closeness to the equator and the variation in the region's microclimates means they are able to harvest almost continuously throughout the year, this results in a wonderfully varied harvest with unique characteristics and flavours.

We hope you enjoy this coffee grown by a small group of passionate farmers.

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