Huila - Colombia

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Espresso Brewing
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Home Espresso, Stovetop, AeroPress
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Flavour notes:  Red apple, milo, toffee.

Producer: Five specialty producers

Region: Huila

Harvested: March-July

Variety: Caturra

Altitude: 1,700-1,870 MASL

Process: Washed

This exciting coffee under the Huila brand is a premium blend of specialty coffees grown by Alexander Hernandez, Alexander Vargas, Linarco Rodriguez, Luis Carlos Guzman, and Cesar Augusto Cardoso. These farmers have dedicated their lives to coffee cultivation and are committed to producing the highest quality coffee. Finca La Piragua, Finca La Esmerelda, and Linarco's farm are all located in southern Huila, an area famous for coffee production. Each farmer brings unique skills and techniques to the blend, with a focus on sustainability and quality. From harvesting to fermentation and drying, every step is carefully managed to bring out the unique flavours of the region.

A delicious coffee from four passionate producers.

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