Isabel Lopez - Mexico

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This is one of our previous coffees & is no longer available
Best For:
Espresso Brewing
Suitable Brewers:
Home Espresso, Stovetop, AeroPress


Flavour notes:  Cranberry, chocolate cake, cane sugar.

Producer: Isabel Lopez

Farm: Finca El Macahuite

Region: San Juan Ozolotepec

Municipality: Oaxaca

Harvested: February-April

Variety: Typica

Altitude: 1,977 MASL

Process: Washed

Isabel Lopez is a coffee veteran with over 40 years of experience growing, harvesting and processing coffee. It wasn't until two years ago Isabel started to focus on specialty coffee, attracted by the higher prices and the belief that she grows some of the best Typica in Mexico. The farm, Finca El Macahuite, is a family affair, her husband Francisco looks after the whole plantation, her daughters work the harvest whilst Isabel takes care of pulping, washing and drying the cherries. Her coffee is a delicious mix of chocolate, cake-like sweetness and delicate tart cranberry.

We are thrilled to showcase Isabel's hard work for the first time and we hope you enjoy this labour of love.

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