Jose Manuel Cantillo - GESHA - Colombia

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Flavour Notes: Tropical fruit, cantaloupe, florals.

Producer: Jose Manuel Cantillo Jacobo

Farm: Filo Del Oso

Region: Suaza, Huila

Harvested: June

Variety: Gesha

Altitude: 1800MASL

Process: Washed


The Cantillo family are densely populated through out the district of El Divino Niño. Jose's father worked as a coffee picker in his younger days following the harvest from region to region, eventually settling down in Suaza with his wife Nidia. It is here that he planted his first coffee tree and went on to achieve recognition as a world class farmer at the Cup of Excellence competition.
Jose has taken valuable knowledge from his father and uncle to produce world class coffee of his own. This lot is an exotic variety called "Gesha." It originates from Ethiopia and is one of the only coffees that can be distinguished by variety over terroir. It's known for it's intense floral aromas and stone fruit sweetness.

An exceptional and rare coffee, exclusive to Marvell Street Coffee Australia.