Luis Edier Reinoso - Gesha - Colombia 2019

This is one of our previous coffees & is no longer available


Flavour Notes: Paw paw, stone fruit, coffee blossom.

Farm: Finca Vista Hermosa

Region: Rioblanco, Tolima

Variety: Gesha

Harvested: April 2019

Process: Washed

Let us introduce to you Luis Edier Reinoso - For some of you it may not be the first time seeing his name on a Marvell Street coffee bag. In 2017 Caravela Coffee kindly partnered us with him enabling us to purchase his whole 2017 harvest totalling 750kg and consisting of 3 unique and amazing lots that were relished to the last cups. In 2019 we bring you a stunning Gesha lot that oozes tropical fruit and florals and dedication to quality. 
With 30 years experience under his belt, every day he  strives to work with the highest of standards at every step of the process and that ensures he receives the price and recognition he knows his coffee deserves.

We couldn't be happier to serve his amazing coffee once again!

**This coffee is no longer available