Juan Vergara - Ecuador

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This is one of our previous coffees & is no longer available.
Best For:
Filter Brewing
Suitable Brewers:
V60, AeroPress, Batch Brew


Flavour notes: Lemon curd, baked apple, nougat.

Producer: Juan Vergara

Farm: Finca Campo Alegre

Region: Quito

Municipality: Pichincha

Harvested: September

Variety: Typica Mejorado, Bourbon, Pacamara

Altitude: 2,020 MASL

Process: Washed

Introducing Juan Vergara, the coffee maestro behind Finca Campo Alegre! Juan and his family have created countless treasured moments on this idyllic farm on the outskirts of Quito. Picture Juan and his wife Christine teaching their daughters horseback riding through rows of coffee trees. Though his family's coffee farm in Loja is no longer theirs, Juan continues the age-old practices on his own land. By day, he's the General Director of a food company, but his coffee farm is his private paradise, he see's his farm as his dream garden, where each coffee tree has its own personality.

Every morning, Juan enjoys a cup of his own coffee, particularly when he's on the farm, taking in the view of the very tree that grew the cherry. Juan, the coffee connoisseur, keeps the love brewing!

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