Otoniel Sagastume - Honduras

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Flavour Notes: Nectarine, honey, chocolate.

Producer: Otoniel Sagastume

Farm: Finca Los Robles

Region: Santa Barbara

Harvest: January - April

Variety: Pacas, Parainema

Altitude: 1500 MASL

Process: Washed

Coffee has been a part of Otoniel's life for as long he can remember. He grew up working on his family's farm, where his father taught him everything he knows about the delicate process of producing coffee. Otoniel dreams that one day his children will carry on the family tradition of growing coffee.

There are 2 varieties of coffee on his farm: "Parainema," a hybrid variety developed to be resistant to leaf rust and nematodes, it has good potential for yield and grows well in medium altitudes. The second is, "Pacas," a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety. Despite being a riskier plant to produce due to it's susceptibility to leaf rust, it still makes up 25% of the nations coffee production and adored for its balanced, complex flavour profile.

We selected this coffee because the unique flavour profile stood out to us and we just love it!