Los Naranjos - Colombia

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This is one of our previous coffees & is no longer available

Flavour Notes: Orange, treacle, meringue

Producer: 100 Small scale farmers

Region: San Agustin

Municipality: Huila

Harvested: September

Variety: Caturra

Altitude: 1,600 - 1,850 MASL

Process: Washed

In a small town called San Agustín on the shore of the Los Naranjos River live around 100 hard-working farmers who produce delicious coffee. In 2001 these farmers formed the Association of Los Naranjos de San Agustín with a single goal in mind, to produce consistent, high-quality coffee for the specialty market.
This association is well-known for its innovation and hard work, always focusing on improving coffee quality and production techniques. They know that improving the quality of their coffee will fetch better prices for their labour, in turn improving their lives and their community.

The hard work they put in is reflected in the quality of the cup, we hope you enjoy the fruits of their labour as much as we do.


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