René Díaz - El Salvador

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This is one of our previous coffees & is no longer available


Flavour Notes: Raspberry, dried cranberry, panella.


Farm: Finca El Guayabo


Region: La Palma, Chalatenango


Variety: Pacas, Pacamara


Altitude: 1400 MASL


Processing Method: Honey



15 years ago René Díaz made the decision to continue his family tradition of producing coffee. His father was an independent coffee farmer who started completely from scratch and René dreamed of doing the same. He purchased a farm that he named El Guayabo after the giant Guava tree which sits in the centre of the farm.
This particular lot is Honey processed which means after pulping and washing some of the fruit or "mucilage" is left on the seed for the drying phase. It results in an extra sweet and fruity cup yet still clean and beautiful. This process requires diligence and precision and is more attractive to farmers that have limited water access.

We hope you appreciate the time and effort this went in to bringing this beautiful coffee to life.